Jim Cornette To Tony Khan: “I’m The Only One That’ll Tell You The Truth Because I Don’t Want a Job”


The outspoken pro wrestling personality discusses a conversation he had with Tony Khan regarding AEW

Former WWE, TNA and WCW personality Jim Cornette recently discussed Tony Khan and AEW on the Drive Thru podcast. Cornette is extremely vocal about his hate of the All Elite product, and he referenced when Khan spoke to him potentially to come in for an ‘advisory’ type of role.

“The first time I ever spoke to him on the phone? I said ‘Tony [Khan], I’m the only one it’ll tell you the truth because I don’t want a job” Jim Cornette began on the podcast. “That was two years ago, I was 57, now I’m 59. That’s almost 60.”

Jim Cornette on Road Life

“I was not going to be getting on aeroplanes and flying around” Cornette continued. “Or driving around to a wrestling promotion’s events that were being held all over the country. That’s regardless who it was, I’m f*cking not interested in that.”

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Cornette would discuss how he could’ve helped in a consultancy role, but wasn’t interested. Jim Cornette has in the past worked in a similar capacity for some of the biggest promotions in the world, so this referenced conversation between he and Tony Khan, although not publicly acknowledged by AEW or Khan, is very likely to have happened.

“Am I going to stay home and write my thoughts down via email? Or phone them in and take a cheque for it? Well, if it was a goddamn real promotion Pinocchio? Absolutely, if there was a way I could help” Cornette stated. “You couldn’t do anything with this show, even if you were on the f*cking ground there. Unless the first thing was fire half the f*cking roster and start over.”

Do you agree with Jim Cornette? Do AEW need to “fire half the f*cking roster and start over?” Let us know in the comments

Jim Cornette