Jon Moxley Reveals If He Ever Compares His Work To Roman Reigns


Jon Moxley reveals if he ever compares his own work to the work of the Big Dog

Jon Moxley has been the AEW World Champion throughout the pandemic and he has been the unofficial face of the company through the ordeal.

The former WWE star has found himself in a similar position to his former college and best friend Roman Reigns and during a recent interview, the AEW Champion revealed if he ever compares himself to the Big Dog.

Mox had an interview with Sports Illustrated ahead of the anniversary episode of Dynamite and when asked if he ever compares his work to Roman, the former Dean Ambrose claimed that he doesn’t pay much attention to it:

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“I don’t pay much attention or compare myself to anybody else, for me, it’s all about visualizing what I want in my head and then actualizing it in the ring. I just want to create my own vision, so I’m not comparing that with anyone else.”

Jon Moxley also talked about being the guy who is carrying the torch during a pandemic and he revealed that he didn’t picture himself in a good-guy, protagonist role when he first joined the promotion.

Apart from this, the former WWE Champion talked about things like his match with Lance Archer, how coronavirus has forced them to change a lot of plans and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.