Konnan Reveals Offer Lucha Underground Made To The Young Bucks


Konnan says Lucha Underground tried to low-ball the Young Bucks.

Matt & Nick Jackson were reportedly offered contracts to be part of the Lucha Underground roster. Konnan talked about how much show runners for LU offered the Young Bucks recently on an episode of his “Keepin it 100” podcast.

Konnan commented on how the company’s lawyer was the one reaching out to the popular tag-team.

“Here’s why Lucha Underground was — this is the type of sh*t that only Lucha Underground would do,” Konnan said (transcriptions via POST Wrestling). “They had some jackoff, yes you are a jackoff, called Tony Jensen. He was the lawyer of the f*cking company. So they had this guy who doesn’t know sh*t about wrestling, doesn’t know how to talk to wrestlers, you know?”

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Konnan then revealed the Bucks were only offered $250 each. He then said that the Bucks countered by asking for 10x as much.

“You gotta be able to talk their language, alright and he calls The Young Bucks and he offers them $250 each. So they basically told me to go f*ck myself and that yeah, they’d sign if they got $2,500 each, and I was like, ‘Bro, Dorian [Roldan], why don’t you let me talk to the wrestlers? I already have a connection, a relationship with a lot of them and I know how to back and forth’ but no, they kept him there.”

Numerous wrestlers had to hire lawyers to get out of their deals with Lucha Underground.

Konnan will be on the Spanish commentary team for Impact’s Bound For Glory PPV this weekend: