Kurt Angle On Why He Refused WWE’s Offer To Manage Matt Riddle


Kurt Angle reveals the two main reason behind his decision to decline WWE's offer

Kurt Angle had revealed in previous interviews that WWE had offered him a role as the manager for the Ultimate Bro Matt Riddle but he turned down the proposal from the company.

The Olympic Gold Medallist had not revealed the reason behind his refusal at the time but during a recent interview with Pwinsider, the former champion finally opened up about the situation.

Angle explained that there were mainly two reasons why he did not take the offer from WWE. The first being the supplement company he has started and the second was the amount he was being offered:

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“Two reasons – one was my company I started needed my attention 100%, especially with the virus thing and I had to just be there for the company and the other thing was the money, it just…it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t going to manage somebody for the amount of money they wanted to give me.”

Though while he declined the offer for a longer role, Kurt Angle still made an appearance to hype Riddle and he was actually the one who announced the main roster call up of the former UFC star on SmackDown.

Apart from this, Kurt Angle talked about things like his start in wrestling, why he refused the initial offer from WWE, and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.