Latest On Sting’s WWE Status After His Merchandise Was Pulled


Fans picked up on how Sting no longer has a page on the WWE Shop website. 

This means that WWE pulled the merchandise associated with the WWE Hall of Famer. It had been on the WWE Legends section of the website as recently as Thursday.

Dave Meltzer noted during Saturday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Sting‘s WWE Legends Contract had expired several months ago. As a result, the company is no longer contractually obligated to sell his items.

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It’s just like Brock Lesnar, who had his merch pulled from the website a few months after his contract expired in April. Typically, WWE has a timeframe of up to six months when WWE can continue to sell merchandise of wrestlers even after their contracts expire. 

Meltzer stated that the initial contract that WWE offered to Sting which he signed was possibly to be more than just on the Alumni page as it’s something that WWE doesn’t want to deal with anymore. 

Meltzer did speculate that it is possible that Sting could show up in AEW although there’s been no word yet of that happening. He could work in some wrestler’s corner or just making a general PPV appearance.

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