Mark Jindrak: “Boring” Triple H Should Have Been Kicked Out Of Evolution


Mark Jindrak was at one point planned to be in Evolution.

On an episode of the WWE Network’s “Ruthless Aggression” series focussed on Evolution, Triple H stated that both he and Ric Flair felt Mark Jindrak wasn’t a good fit for the group. The WCW Power Plant graduate had filmed some vignettes with Evolution but was ultimately replaced by Batista before the angle started.

Jindrak recently spoke to the Sitting Ringside podcast and said that it was Triple H who should have been kicked out of the group.

“Orton and I were having fun, Ric Flair was a ton of fun. I thought the person that should’ve been kicked out of the group was Triple H, because he was the bore. He was boring as s***, man, he was boring as sh*t,” said Jindrak (transcriptions via Post Wrestling).

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Jindrak also stated that he did not believe Flair played a role in him being removed from the group.

“It wasn’t Ric, it was [not] Ric in any way, shape or form. It was all Triple H and that’s the whole thing. These car rides, I thought these car rides were exposing Triple H for being a bore and non-charismatic, you know what I’m saying? That’s what I felt.”

Jindrak was released by WWE in 2005. He would go on to have a very successful run with CMLL in Mexico as Marco Corleone. He is a former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion.

Jindrak Tweeted out the following shortly after the episode of Ruthless Aggression was released earlier this year.

More of Mark Jindrak’s comments about Evolution can be read in the link below: