Miro On AEW Pursuing Brock Lesnar: “Do We Need Him? Absolutely Not”


All Elite Wrestling's Miro has shared whether he thinks the promotion should be attempting to sign Brock Lesnar, and whether AEW even needs to.

All Elite Wrestling star Miro has speculated on what Brock Lesnar could bring to the promotion if it decided to pursue him. He also shared his thoughts on whether AEW would “need” a talent like Lesnar.

Sharing his thoughts with Inside the Ropes, Miro had high praise for Lesnar’s ability to perform. He also noted how, when it comes to Lesnar’s star power, “The Beast Incarnate” can “be his own show.”

“I mean, Brock is great,” Miro said. “Brock, whatever he does, he’s an entity, right? He’s the show himself; he can be his own show himself. Would we benefit from it? I absolutely think we would. Do we need him? Absolutely not.”

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During the interview, Miro also cast his attention on the rest of the AEW locker room. When asked who he’d consider AEW‘s “diamond in the rough,” Miro was quick to name a few talents, stressing how the promotion is frequently giving opportunities for people to shine.

“That’s really hard to say because there’s just too many. We all know how good Ricky Starks is. We all know how good Kip Sabian is. We all know how good, clearly, Hangman is. Hangman is a fantastic guy! I’ve never worked with him, but just watching him–“

Miro also named other stars like Colt Cabana, Matt Sydal, Serena Deeb, and The Young Bucks. He noted how AEW has “[…] so many talented people under one roof and everybody wants to do great that night. We don’t save anything.”

According to him, the locker room all have the same mindset: to give it all that night. It’s this quality that he believes makes the locker room so unique.