Pat McAfee Reveals He Paid Ridge Holland To Attack Adam Cole


Pat McAfee has revealed he paid Ridge Holland to attack Adam Cole.

Pat McAfee closed out last week’s episode of NXT by revealing his new alliance with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. McAfee recently released a video explaining that he paid Ridge Holland to attack Adam Cole but has since reached a deal with Lorcan and Burch.

McAfee starts his video explaining that he didn’t appreciate Cole flashing him the UE hand-sign after defeating him at Takeover 30.

Pat McAfee Comments On Hiring Ridge Holland

“After the match, instead of reaching out his hand,” McAfee says about Cole in the video. “Instead of doing that, he flexes on me!”

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“That didn’t sit lightly with me,” McAfee continued. “And although I couldn’t be hands-on with the dismantling of the Undisputed Era and Adam Cole, I knew there was a way that they could feel my impact.”

“I can’t be down there every single day so I hired somebody to take care of my light work. I hired somebody that is a younger, more handsome, and more built version of me, Ridge Holland. You all saw it, when he dumped Adam Cole‘s lifeless body over the barricade and walked it off. Who do you think bought him that Mercedes? That was me, you’re welcome, Ridge.”

McAfee then continued to say that after Holland was injured, he reached out to Burch and Lorcan.

“Now Ridge got hurt, Ts and Ps for him, I will not ask for a refund, you did your job. And now I had to look for a Plan B, my guy that I was going to run alongside and takeover NXT with is now out with a gruesome injury. Who should I call? Well, why not the guy that took out my guy? The psycho from Boston, Oney Lorcan, I reach out to him, I say ‘hey pal, you want to make a little money, huh? Want to go on a little bit of a run? They say ‘no’, they lose to Undisputed Era, they call back, we make a deal.”

McAfee’s full video can be seen below: