Paul Heyman Says Fans Don’t Appreciate How Great Roman Reigns Is


Paul Heyman says fans have never appreciated Roman Reigns as they should.

Paul Heyman has had many roles in WWE. He is currently the “Special Counsel” to Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Heyman says they are just scratching the surface of what is possible with the angle of Reigns as the “Tribal Chief”. He also says that fans don’t appreciate how truly great Reigns is.

“I think Roman Reigns and I both continue to be quite unappreciated by the sports, the entertainment and the sports entertainment world. But we’re starting to get there now,” Heyman said to Ryan Satin of Fox Sports.

Heyman would continue to say that it is the fact that fans don’t appreciate Reigns as they should which led to the two becoming aligned.

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“This is part of the convergence of circumstances that led to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman appearing together on television, is the fact that Roman Reigns is so remarkably unappreciated,” Heyman continued. “That so many people have taken Roman Reigns for granted over the years and don’t really acknowledge the level of performance that he brings forth in WWE.”

Heyman then continued to say that they are just scratching the surface of where the angle with Reigns can go.

“We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what Roman Reigns is capable of presenting. He returned at the end of August. We’re now in the middle of October. We’re about six weeks into this. Imagine where we’ll be six weeks from now. Imagine where we’ll be six MONTHS from now.”

Reigns has a big match upcoming tomorrow on the season premiere of Smackdown. He’ll face Braun Strowman with the Universal title on the line.