Ryback: “Cody’s Gonna Be His Best as a Heel on AEW Television”


The Big Guy talks Cody Rhodes being a heel on AEW programming

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed Cody Rhodes‘ recent ‘turn’ on AEW television. The Big Guy commented on The Nightmare Family leader on the Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report podcast.

Cody came back to AEW Dynamite following the brutal beatdown by Brodie Lee and The Dark Order. Rhodes then returned sporting jet black hair and a darker demeanour overall.

“I think Cody’s gonna be his best as a heel on AEW television” Ryback began on the podcast. “I really think so, and having some people around him? I see him really elevating himself further, and he’s smart enough to know…there’s always a reason with Cody on doing things, you know? He’s very creative.”

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“Changing his hair to a darker colour? Having that more sinister look? That’s for a purpose” Ryback would continue. “Whether it plays out this week or in two months? There’s something behind it.”

Ryback would also discuss how ‘time off’ is universally a good reason to make tweaks to your on screen persona. “Anytime you leave television, for like at least a month I would say? You could do it in less time but it’s better the longer you’re out with these kinds of things where you can, You can use it as an opportunity to come back in and put some tweaks on your character.”

The Big Guy would finish by praising Cody further, saying how integral he is to the overall AEW presentation. “He’s such a huge part of that show. The show’s better with him figured in. Overall they need every name on it to help continue to elevate everybody else.”

Do you agree with Ryback? Do you think that Cody Rhodes will thrive as a heel in AEW? Let us know in the comments