Samoa Joe Addresses His In-Ring Status: ‘I’m Not Done’


Samoa Joe has provided some insight into his future in-ring career.

Since suffering an unfortunate concussion, Samoa Joe has further established himself as a voice of Monday Night Raw. In a recent interview with Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast, Joe addressed the status of his in-ring future.

Samoa Joe confessed he is enjoying his commentary duties on Raw, calling it a “fun challenge.”

He then stressed that he’s not finished with his in-ring ambitions but is currently exploring other things.

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“Obviously, I’m not done in the ring by no means. I think right now I’m exploring things,” Joe said. “Aside from that, I’m doing voice acting which is fun and very cool. It’s a very enjoyable thing. I have a project coming up with Warner Brothers. I’m very fortunate and I’m very happy that I’m doing the things I’m doing right now.”

Samoa Joe is providing the voice to DC fan-favorite King Shark in Rocksteady Studios’ next game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

His commentary role on Raw was intended to be a temporary role. However, his natural ability in the role, coupled with recent injuries, made keeping him on the announce team a smarter goal for Samoa Joe for the time being.

Samoa Joe hasn’t competed in in-ring action since suffering a concussion earlier this year during a commercial shoot. Prior to taking over on the Raw team from Jerry “The King” Lawler, Joe had been involved in infrequent on-air skirmishes. One included a confrontation with “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins, indicating an in-ring return may be a matter of time.