‘The Multiverse of Matt Hardy’ Web Series Premieres


Matt Hardy has launched a new web series.

Matt Hardy has launched a new web series. The first episode of “The Multiverse of Matt Hardy” released on his official YouTube channel yesterday.

“In his brand new web series, Matt Hardy attempts to learn how to balance his normal, everyday life with all of the multiple identities inside of him,” reads a description of the show.

Hardy released a teaser for the web series on Twitter recently.

The Multiverse of Matt Hardy

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The 6-minute video focusses on Hardy’s life at the Hardy Family Compound in North Carolina. He wrestles his kids and even teaches them some promo skills as well. Hardy goes through several of his personas throughout the video.

Injuries From Sammy Guevara Feud

Hardy has yet to wrestle since his match against Sammy Guevara at All Out 2020. That match was briefly stopped shortly after Hardy appeared to be knocked out after falling off a lift through a table.

Hardy was also injured via chairshot from Guevara leading up to the PPV match.

“I was really lucky I wasn’t concussed badly,” Hardy admitted about the chairshot. “I was able to hit the chair a little bit and slowed it down. If I wasn’t able to slow it down, I’m sure it would have knocked me completely unconscious. But even knocking it down and slowing it down, it still split me open.”