The Rock & Kurt Angle Comment On 20-Year Anniversary Of No Mercy 2000


Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of Kurt Angle's 1st WWE Championship win.

The Rock and Kurt Angle have both responded to a Tweet posted by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on the 20-year anniversary of WWE‘s No Mercy 2000 PPV. Kurt Angle defeated the Rock that night to win his first-ever WWE Championship. The event was held in the Pepsi Center in Albany, New York on October 22nd, 2000.

Angle responded to Helwani, noting this was the most important match of his career:

The Rock then responded to Helwani’s comments as well.

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“It’s one of my favorite matches ever. I just told my kids about the whole build-up on the way to school today. Been a fan since 85! First event I ever went to was 1991 at the Montreal Forum. @BretHart, my favorite as a kid, and Mr. Perfect fought to a draw. Will never forget it,” Helwani continued.

The Rock‘s 8 reigns with the WWE Championship is 3rd all-time. Only John Cena (13) and Randy Orton (9) have won the title more times. His combined 367 days spent with the title ranks 15th all-time. As for Kurt Angle, he held the title for a combined 297 days (across 4 reigns) which is good for 17th all time.