The Young Bucks Want To See AEW Ice Cream Bars


The Young Bucks are known for being masters of merchandising. Even before the launch of AEW, where they both serve as Executive Vice Presidents, the Bucks have made a small fortune selling t-shirts sporting their original designed. Their prowess for moving ‘merch’ even earned Nick Jackson the moniker, “Merch Freak.”

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During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Nick and Matt Jackson discussed the process behind creating their popular shirts, which items they won’t put their name on and the possibility of AEW ice cream bars.

AEW Ice Cream Bars

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“Sky’s the limit with the merchandise,” said Matt. “I am so open-minded with all of that. It really helps that my wife is in charge with all of that, so I can wake up in the middle of the night and elbow her and tell her, ‘Hey sweetie, I have this great idea for a t-shirt!’ And she will be so bothered by me.”

They joked that they say “yes” to everything as long as it makes money, but Nick did clarify that they won’t market anything related to cigarettes or alcohol. The Bucks are men of faith and have been described as ‘straight-edge sons of a minister.’

“I think we would have to say no to something like cigarettes or alcohol. “But we had shot glasses in [Ring Of Honor] at one point, and it didn’t even make sense.”

Matt then floated the idea that he’d like to see AEW offer ice cream bars, similar to the classic WWE ice cream bars many longtime fans remember from their childhood.

“… I would love to have some type of AEW ice cream bar. I remember fondly in the summer when the ice cream man would come, and I would get the Good Humor Hulk Hogan ice cream bar. I don’t know how much of a possibility it would be, but I put the idea out there, at least.”

WWE and Good Humor introduced ice cream “cookie sandwiches” earlier this year, but they are a far cry from the originals: