Update On Who Missed Halloween Havoc Due To Outbreak At WWE PC


Plans for Halloween Havoc were foced to change.

Yesterday, it was reported that WWE was again dealing with positive COVID-19 tests from its Performance Center in Orlando. The outbreak was expected to impact what happened at last night’s Halloween Havoc. According to comments made on Wrestling Observer Radio, Indie Hartwell was forced to miss the show. She was replaced by someone wearing a Scream costume.

“I was told none of the TV people tested positive. There were people who are quarantined,” said Dave Meltzer. “The only name that I know that was booked on the show tonight that wasn’t there was Indie Hartwell, who was going to do a run-in.”

“The person in the Scream mask that helped Candice LeRae was supposed to be Indie Hartwell and may end up being called Indie Hartwell because she never unmasked. The idea was for her to unmask as Indie Hartwell but she wasn’t there it was somebody else under the thing.”

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Meltzer would continue to say that some but not all of the people who were forced to quarantine are not regulars on NXT programming.

Both Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae benefitted from interference from someone in a Scream mask at Halloween Havoc. Gargano won the North American Championship in his match but LeRae was defeated by Io Shirai.