AEW Dynamite Results (11/11): MJF & Wardlow Join Inner Circle, PAC Returns


AEW Dynamite aired from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. It was the first episode of Dynamite following Full Gear.

Dynamite Results 11/11

  1. Brian Cage def. Matt Sydal
  2. Natural Nightmares def. Butcher & Blade in a Bunkhouse match
  3. Shawn Spears def. Scorpio Sky
  4. Tay Conti def. Red Velvet
  5. Pentagon def. Fenix

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Brian Cage Picked Up A Win

Brian Cage
Brian Cage (Photo: AEW)
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Team Taz kicked off the show. Taz said he was distracted by the brand new face of the network Darby Allin in the stands. Taz told Darby Allin to stay away from the ring tonight or he is getting his ass kicked. He said that if Cody shows up tonight he is getting his ass kicked as well. Brian Cage then battled Matt Sydal as Taz joined commentary.

Match Recap: Sydal sent Cage to the corner and hit him with a Dropkick. Cage connected with a Suplex and followed it up with a Backbreaker. Brian connected with a massive Clothesline that knocked Sydal to the canvas. Sydal sent Cage to the entrance ramp and hit him with a Meteora off the top rope.

Back in the ring, Cage battled back and hit another massive Clothesline. Cage went for the Drill Claw but Sydal reversed into a Hurricanrana for a near fall. Cage then connected with the Drill Claw for the pinfall victory. After the match, Ricky Starks said that they are going after Darby Allin‘s TNT Championship.

Shaq May Have A Match With Cody

Cody Rhodes came down to the ring to a great reaction from the crowd. Cody congratulated Darby Allin on winning the TNT Championship and claimed that he will not be seeking a rematch at this time. Cody stated that he is considering a rematch with MJF.

Jade Cargill interrupted and said she was the total package. Jade told Cody that he is not a giant and there is nothing giant about him. Jade mentioned Shaq and Brandi interrupted. Brandi told Jade to never talk to her man like that again and told Jade to get her “ratchet” ass off the stage. Rhodes called her a bitch and told Jade to get off the stage. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks then attacked Cody until Darby Allin made the save.

Opinion: This was an awful segment. I felt bad for Jade Cargill as she was rambling on and on. Brandi saved the segment from being a complete disaster. Cargill may be a nice addition to the roster but this was a brutal debut. Shaq in a wrestling ring is a publicity stunt that doesn’t interest me. This was one of the most WWE segments AEW has ever produced and went against everything they stated their product would be.

Moxley Will Defend The Title Against Omega On December 2nd

AEW Champion Jon Moxley
AEW Champion Jon Moxley

AEW Champion Jon Moxley was interviewed by Alex Marvez backstage. Moxley said that he realized at Full Gear that this championship represents everyone that cannot pay their bills right now and all the kids that get made fun of for being wrestling fans.

Jon said that it takes someone special to beat Kenny Omega twice and referred to himself as the greatest wrestler on the planet right now. Moxley wished Omega luck in his upcoming AEW Championship on the December 2nd edition of Dynamite.

Later on Dynamite, Kenny Omega was interviewed and he noted that Moxley has never defeated him in a traditional match.

Natural Nightmares Won A Wild Bunkhouse Match

Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall battled Butcher and Blade in a Bunkhouse match.

Match Recap: Dustin hit Butcher with the Final Reckoning on a steel chair outside the ring. Rhodes hit Blade with a cowbell and turned around into a Crossbody from Butcher. Blade hit QT Marshall with a guitar and it busted him open. Bunny handcuffed Dustin to the turnbuckle as Dynamite went to a break.

When Dynamite returned, Butcher and Blade were still in control. Dustin had escaped and hit Butcher & Blade with a Clothesline. Butcher and Blade battled up a staircase and QT Marshall sprayed Butcher with a fire extinguisher. Dustin hit Butcher with a Bulldog through some hay and plywood.

Blade and QT traded punches in the middle of the ring. QT hit Blade with a trash can lid and then set up a ladder. QT climbed to the top of the ladder and connected with an Elbow Drop but somehow Blade was able to kick out at two. Dustin hit Butcher with Code Red for a near fall. Butcher and Blade slammed Rhodes on top of a couple chairs and went for the cover but QT broke it up. QT hit Blade and he fell back and knocked Bunny off the apron and through a table. QT hit Blade with the cowbell and then a Diamond Cutter for the pinfall victory.