Alexa Bliss Defends WWE Over Labeling Wrestlers As Independent Contractors


Alexa Bliss gave her take

Alexa Bliss made an appearance on Alison Rosen “Is Your New Best Friend Podcast” where she discussed a wide range of topics including WWE labeling their talent as independent contractors. 

A fan asked the question and about the criticism that WWE faces for doing this. Bliss defended the company over this topic. 

WWE takes care of us 100%, we all are in a contract, and anything that happens inside the ring, WWE takes care of. Our health is 100% priority, our health and safety is 100% priority in the company. 

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Unfortunately, we’re living in the middle of a cancel culture, where people try to start rumors, and make their assumptions of things. There has never been a time where I’ve ever felt uncomfortable about being in the ring, or ever felt forced about being in the ring.

Even when I was injured, I had concussions, and Vince said ‘Alright, well we’re going to send you to the best specialists there are’, and he did, and I saw a concussion specialist, and they went above and beyond to take care of me. I know everyone feels that way.”

For decades this has been a hot topic among wrestlers. Despite the minority of wrestlers being vocal about it, there has never been a union in the pro wrestling business let alone WWE.

This topic was brought back up when WWE decided to ban wrestlers from making money off third party platforms such as Twitch and Cameo. 

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