Booker T Discusses Zelina Vega’s WWE Release, Chelsea Green Injury


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has discussed Zelina Vega's WWE release and Chelsea Green suffering a wrist injury during her SmackDown debut.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has shared his thoughts on Zelina Vega’s recent WWE release, noting how Vega is one of his “Fav 5” who had been on her way up in the company.

Booker T addressed her release during a recent episode of his podcast, The Hall of Fame. He shared how “She was coming up and one day she’s here, the next day she’s gone. Watching her on her Twitch Channel talk about it broke my heart watching her cry.”

Booker T shared how he’s sad to see her go as he thought she was incredibly talented. He believed Vega was the kind of Superstar that “really made a huge difference as far as the card.”

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Booker T then expressed how other Superstars who used third-party social media like Vega will now have to “figure out how this thing is going to work” going forward.

“Guys, figure it out because at the end of the day, it’s a bigger picture,” Booker T said. “At the end of the day, you hope the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow or you have someone like Zelina who said I created that pot of gold for myself. I can appreciate that as well but I wanted to say above all, I’m going to miss her because she was talent.”

Booker T On Chelsea Green’s Injury

Booker T also discussed Chelsea Green’s recent wrist injury, which unfortunately occurred during her SmackDown debut.

He revealed how he talked to Green only a few weeks ago about how he was using her match against Charlotte Flair as a study match for his classes.

“I was showing a match with her against Charlotte Flair. It was a match she had in NXT. I was talking about how green Chelsea was and how experienced Charlotte was and the difference between the two of them and how they were working in that same match with each other,” Booker T explained. “You can see and notice the difference between the two. None of it was the big things they did. All of it was the small things. That’s what Chelsea needs to work on. “

Booker T admitted he didn’t see what caused Green’s injury. He added how he noticed how she was moving in the ring. According to him, she didn’t “really pay attention to where she was going before she started her trip. It seemed like she would get on a road and start going and then she would pull out the GPS and figure out on the road where she was. You can’t do that in this business.”

He then shared how he always says people need to learn how to “navigate” their way through a match. Booker T extrapolated this, saying that people needed to know where they were going before they got there, something he argued Chelsea Green didn’t do.