Cesaro Feels ‘Validated’ By Fans Who Consider Him Underrated


WWE Superstar Cesaro has opened up about being considered underrated by many of the WWE Universe, sharing how it makes him feel "validated."

WWE Superstar Cesaro has shared how he tries to make his matches stand out by doing something different each time.

The SmackDown Superstar was a recent guest on Lilian Garcia’s podcast, Chasing Glory. During their conversation, Cesaro explained how he never wanted to be the kind of Superstar who does the “same stuff over, and over, and over again.”

According to the “Swiss Superman,” he wants to ensure he gives his fans a reason to not only watch but pay attention during his matches. He revealed how “that’s my goal because I feel they need to be rewarded.”

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This workhorse mentality has helped establish Cesaro amongst the WWE Universe. Many fans have pointed to him as an underrated, underused talent. When Garcia discussed this idea with him, Cesaro confessed it made him feel “validated.”

“There’s only so much that I can control. There’s a lot of stuff that is out of my control. For them to say that, I feel like they’re saying that I’m making the absolute best with what I’ve been given,” Cesaro said. 

He confessed how to be thought of in that way is a “huge acknowledgment” of what he does. Cesaro shared how he wanted fans to see him stand up for quality and honesty. He added how he will always give the fans one hundred percent of himself, no matter what.