Cezar Bononi Reveals How Much He Was Making In NXT As A Development Talent


Cezar Bononi talks about the hardships he had to face during his time in NXT

Cezar Bononi looked to have a bright future ahead after being named “Future Star of NXT” at the 2017 NXT Year-End Awards but he failed to become a regular for the brand and was released from the promotion this past April.

During a recent interview with Dan Matha’s Spark in the Dark, the former WWE star talked about his time in the company and he opened up about the hardships he had to face while being signed to the promotion.

Bononi who moved to US from Brazil first discussed how hard it was for him to adopt this change and he then revealed how little he was making in NXT:

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“It took a long time for them to help me out a little bit.’Hey, here’s a raise.’ It took me almost two years. I was getting $600 (a week) for like six months and when I finally got paid off, it felt like a raise because I was getting $750. ‘Oh good, I can buy a TV, but I cannot get cable.’ It was hard at the beginning, but it helped build my character even more,”

The problems for Cezar Bononi didn’t end there as he was on a P1 visa and after getting released from WWE, he had only 30 days to decide if he wanted to apply for a different visa or return to his home country.

He revealed that he had tried to apply for a green card but WWE officials did not show any interest in helping him out. You can check out his full interview in the video below: