Chris Jericho On Why WWE Comedy Does Not Work


Chris Jericho believes that comedy shouldn't be forced

While Chris Jericho is often praised for his mic work, he is also an incredible actor and his skills such as his unmatchable comic timing have helped him in staying relevant in the wrestling business for so long.

During his recent appearance on the Keeping It 100 podcast, the former AEW champion talked about a number of things and he also gave his opinion on why the comedy in WWE does not work nowadays.

Jericho explained that his view of comedy is that you should always play it straight because when you try to be funny, it never really turns out that way:

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“My view of comedy is you always play it straight, WWE comedy is d–k and fart jokes. That’s why a lot of it doesn’t work well.

Don’t try to be funny. Because when you try to be funny it’s never funny. And that’s been my attitude with all these segments.”

Chris Jericho also talked about the process of putting together a show in AEW and he admitted that there are times when some details slip through the cracks since they do not have writers at the show.

Apart from this, the former World Champion talked about things like drug use in wrestling nowadays compared to older times. You can check out his comments on the matter at this link.