David Benoit: “I Don’t Want To Go To WWE”


The son of Chris Benoit discusses getting into the pro wrestling industry

David Benoit recently appeared on The Ryback Show podcast. The son of Chris Benoit discussed a litany of topics during the interview, including his want to appear in the ring himself.

David has spoken at length about the difficulties of carrying his last name, following the tragic events of June 2007. These can be heard at length on VICE’s Dark Side of The Ring.

Although Benoit is still in the “early stages” of his wrestling training? He has already made a major decision regarding his professional wrestling future. “I don’t want to go to WWE” Benoit stated on the podcast.

David Benoit as a ‘Technical’ Wrestler

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Benoit would also claim that he wants to be a “technical” style wrestler when he finally makes it to the ring. It’s clear that David is heavily influenced by his father, as well as Chris Benoit’s contemporaries such as Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko. David would list Jericho and Malenko as two men who have guided him thus far and are his longtime friends.

It’s been reported previously how David Benoit has been spotted backstage at both WWE and AEW. Ryback would ask Benoit if there were differences between the two company’s atmospheres backstage.

“I’d say, yes, you know?” Benoit revealed. “Because everyone seems to be more happier [in AEW] I find.” Benoit would finish by saying that “I’ve seen…I’ve seen a lot of old ex WWE employees at AEW. They’re just a lot happier.”

Do you want to see David Benoit in an AEW ring? Do you think that he will struggle to get past the baggage of his last name? Let us know in the comments