Goldberg Talks Who Was ‘The Man’ In WCW


The former WCW star describes how Sting was the man who 'ran the show' in the company

Former WWE Universal Champion and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg recently appeared on the Talk’n Shop podcast with co-hosts Luke Gallows and Rocky Romero.

Goldberg discussed a number of topics during the podcast. These included working in South America with Luke Gallows, his son working to become an NFL player and his time in WCW.

Rocky Romero would praise Goldberg as being the centerpiece of the promotion back in the late 90’s. Goldberg actually refuted this, saying “I was just a piece of it, I fell into place.”

Goldberg in WCW

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Bill Goldberg of course was a major part of WCW by the time he won the United States Championship in 1997 against Raven. Arguably the height of Goldberg’s run was his bout against Hollywood Hogan at the Georgia Dome on July 6, 1998. That episode of WCW Monday Nitro saw Goldberg become the World Heavyweight Champion for the very first time.

Goldberg would reveal on Talk’n Shop who he actually saw as ‘the guy’ in WCW. “I was a guy that they needed to fill the void. The guy who ran the show? It was Sting, man. It was an honor and a privilege to be around the guy. I’ve learned through osmosis how, you know, to be a better person/wrestler [because of Sting].”

Bill Goldberg would finish by discussing the Monday Night Wars in general, saying how it was an incredible time to be in the wrestling business. “It was the coolest time in the business of professional wrestling. I’m beyond lucky to have been a part of it during that time period.”

“Because I don’t know if I would have had nearly the [amount of] success if I didn’t fit into ‘that’ part. You know [that part] that was needed during WCW’s fierce battles with WWE every Monday night.”

Do you agree with Goldberg? Was Sting ‘The Man’ in WCW’s late 90’s run? Let us know in the comments