Impact Results 11/10: Go-Home Show For Turning Point


Impact Wrestling 11/10 was the go-home show for Saturday's Turning Point on Impact Plus.

Impact Wrestling presented its go-home show before Saturday’s Turning Point PPV last night on Twitch and AXS TV.

Impact Results 11/10:

  1. Havok & Nevaeh defeated Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne
  2. X-Division Championship
    Rohit Raju (c) defeated TJP
  3. Chris Sabin defeated Acey Romero
  4. Eddie Edwards defeated Chris Bey
  5. Reno Scum defeated Fallah Bah & Crazzy Steve
  6. Karl Anderson defeated Josh Alexander via DQ

Tommy Dreamer’s Investigation Into Who Shot John E Bravo Continues

John E Bravo continues to be in a medically induced coma but don’t worry, Tommy Dreamer has a Sherlock Holmes hat and is dedicated to solving the case. This week, Dreamer hooked several suspects up to a lie detector.

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Dreamer went through interviews with Larry D and Cody Deaner before an interesting session with Father James Mitchell. The Sinister Minister stated that he didn’t shoot Bravo, but he thinks he knows who did. Havok was then brought in to Dreamer’s interrogation room but she pointed the finger at Rosemary instead. The segment ended before we could hear Havok’s full interview with Dreamer.

The Good Brothers and The North Battle Ahead of Turning Point Title Match

Karl Anderson met Josh Alexander in the main event this week. At Turning Point, however, the stakes will be much bigger. The finish of the match came when Alexander had just fended off the Gun Stun by Anderson and Page jumped in the ring and caused the disqualification.

Doc Gallows got in the ring as well and the two teams brawled ahead of their title match on Saturday. Officials from the back had to come out and separate the teams as the show came to an end.

The Rascalz Are Leaving Impact Wrestling

The Rascalz received an eviction notice this week. Evidently, the trio hasn’t paid rent on their treehouse in years. This was clarified to mean that the Rascalz are actually leaving Impact Wrestling. They have to be gone after next week.

Later in the show, the trio rescued Rich Swann from an attack by Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock, and Chris Bey. In the back, Swann and the Rascalz decided to send the team out in style. It was agreed that Swann would team with Trey Miguel in a tag match against Dez and Wentz next week in the Rascalz final match for Impact.

Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne Have Trouble Working As A Team

Last week on an episode of Madison Rayne’s “Locker Room Talk”, Tenille Dashwood and Rayne agreed to try being a tag-team. Things didn’t work out well in their first match this week, however.

Rayne was initially hesitant to get in the ring after Dashwood tagged her. Turns out she was right to be worried as Havok and Nevaeh made pretty short work of her. Havok pinned the former multi-time Knockouts champion after a tombstone piledriver.

Havok and Neveah look prepared for the start of the Knockouts tag title tournament. Rayne and Dashwood not so much.

Rohit Raju Retains Over TJP

The stipulation heading into this week’s title match was that if TJP doesn’t win the title, he’s not able to challenge again while Raju is champion. Raju, like he often does, resorted to underhanded tactics to score the victory. With the ref out of position, Raju hit a low blow followed by a running knee to the head for the win. Now TJP will be unable to challenge for the title again until someone other than Raju is champion.

Raju will once again hold his “Defeat Rohit” challenge at Turning Point on Saturday.

Chris Sabin Recruits James Storm To Be His Partner At Turning Point

Chris Sabin was able to use his speed and technical precision to defeat the much larger Acey Romero this week. Sabin is without his partner Alex Shelley at the moment, who is out with injury. After Sabin won the match, Larry D attacked him from behind and Team XXXL stood tall over him to end the segment.

Later in the show, Chris Sabin offered James Storm a beer to be his partner at Turning Point.

Eddie Edwards Defeated Chris Bey

A highly skilled young blue-chipper versus a highly-skilled veteran in this match. Commentary noted that Bey will be competing in the Super J-Cup next month for NJPW and also mentioned Don Callis’ appearance at AEW Full Gear.

Edwards picked up the victory when he countered Bey’s springboard cutter into a pinning combination for the win.

After the match, it looked like Bey and Edwards were going to continue the fight but Sami Callihan came out to attack Edwards. This brought out Rich Swann for the save but then Ken Shamrock came out for the heel contingent and Bey got back into things as well. Then the Rascalz came out to save the babyfaces just as Callihan was going to hit Swann with a baseball bat.

Upcoming Matches In Impact Wrestling

Here are the matches scheduled for Turning Point on Saturday:

  • Moose vs Willie Mack
  • Eddie Edwards vs Daivari
  • Brian Myers vs Swoggle
  • Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace vs Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary
  • Defeat Rohit Challenge
  • Impact Tag Team Championships
  • The North (c) vs the Good Brothers
  • Knockouts Championship
    No DQ
    Su Yung (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo
  • Impact World Championship
    Rich Swann (c) vs Sami Callihan

These matches are scheduled for next week’s episode:

  • Rich Swann & Trey Miguel vs Dez & Wentz