Impact Results 11/17: Rascalz Farewell Show


Impact Wrestling bids farewell to the Rascalz.

Impact Wrestling 11/17 was the first show since Saturday’s Turning Point event. It was also the final show for the Rascalz, who are leaving Impact Wrestling after having spent the last two years with the promotion.

Impact 11/17 Quick Results:

  1. Moose defeated Willie Mack via referee stoppage
  2. Suicide vs Gio – No Contest
  3. Brian Myers defeated Crazzy Steve
  4. Knockouts Tag Team Tournament
    Havok & Nevaeh defeated Alisha Edwards & Tenille Dashwood
  5. Hernandez defeated Fallah Bah
  6. Rascalz Farewell Match
    Rich Swann & Trey Miguel defeated Dez & Wentz

Impact Wrestling Bids Farewell To The Rascalz

For the last 2 years, The Rascalz have provided entertaining matches and segments for fans of Impact Wrestling. Their treehouse skits created many fun and literal LOL moments over the years. All 3 have had great matches throughout their run as well.

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They’d finish up with Impact at these tapings and headlined last night’s show in tag action. Miguel teamed with Rich Swann and they faced Dez and Wentz. This match reminded me a little of the NBA All-Star game, where everyone was just trying to break out their flashiest moves and have a good time with no animosity between them.

In the end, it would be the Impact World Champion who would get the win for his team. He delivered a vicious-looking kick to the back of Dez’s head for the pin.

The Rascalz left their jackets on the ring ropes in a symbolic gesture as their time in Impact comes to an end. All 4 who had been in the match then walked through the curtain together only to be assaulted by Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. Swann will face Shamrock next week in non-title action.

Did Detective Tommy Dreamer Catch Johnny Swinger With A Smoking Gun?

The investigation into who shot John E. Bravo took a big turn this week. The Deaners sort of implied that Dreamer should look into Johnny Swinger, after finding a gun in his fanny pack. Dreamer then interviewed Swinger who didn’t seem to shy away from the fact that he had a gun during the interview. Dreamer said Swinger is literally holding the smoking gun and that he is being taken to Wrestlers Court next week to go on trial for having shot Bravo.

Eric Young Unleashes Joe Doering

A match between Suicide and Gio ended in a no-contest this week after Eric Young unleashed his new monster, Joe Doering onto both wrestlers. Doering debuted at Turning Point over the weekend and appears to be someone who is going to be a big deal in the promotion moving forward.

Young cut a promo saying that this world belongs to them. The two weren’t finished there, however. They went to the backstage area and attacked Rhino and the already-injured Heath.

Knockouts Tag Team Tournament Begins

Tenille Dashwood might not be the best tag-team wrestler. Her “It’s all about me” philosophy makes her a little more suited to the singles division. Two partners in two weeks have discovered this about her. The “Most Influential Person in Impact Wrestling” teamed with Madison Rayne last week in a losing effort to Havok & Nevaeh but would face them again this week in the first round of the title tournament but with Alisha Edwards as her partner.

The end of the match came when Nevaeh came charging out of the corner and Dashwood decided to save herself by throwing Alisha into Nevaeh’s waiting attack. Nevaeh then hit Dashwood with a DDT as well and that left Alisha alone for the rest of the match. Havok and Nevaeh then put her away with a wheel barrel/cutter combo for the win.

Also concerning the KO tag-team tournament. Jordynne Grace, who as of yet does not have a confirmed partner, was seen in the back talking on the phone to someone who will seemingly be their partner next week. Grace said she was thankful this person would be her partner as she had heard she was retiring.

Moose Sends A Message To Rich Swann

Ever since Rich Swann won the Impact World Championship, Moose has been taunting him, calling it the second most important belt in Impact. Over the last couple of weeks, Moose has been involved in backstage altercations with Swann’s friend Willie Mack and they would meet in the opener on this week’s show.

Moose used this match as an opportunity to taunt Swann further. Mack looked to be battling back, however. He hit a Stunner on Moose after missing a 6-star Frog Splash. Moose then caught him in a spear and delivered elbows to his prone opponent until the referee called for the bell. Moose then continued the assault after the end of the match, likely to further send a message to the Impact World Champion.

Anyone Not Named TJP Can Challenge For the X-Division Title, Anyone Not Named TJP At All

Last week, TJP lost an X-Division title match that carried the stipulation that if he lost, he’d never be able to challenge for the title again while Rohit Raju is champion. Later in the back, TJP was speaking with Scott D’Amore. The co-Executive Vice President said that he wondered how Dusty Rhodes would handle such a situation. D’Amore continued to point out that “anyone not named TJP” can challenge for the title and made numerous mentions of how Dusty Rhodes might handle the same spot.

D’Amore may have been referring to Dusty’s “Midnight Rider” gimmick, or maybe just to Stagger Lee like gimmicks from the past. In what may have been a bit of foreshadowing from Impact, Suicide wrestled on the show before this. TJP has played the masked character in the past, beginning in 2013.

Brian Myers Defeats Crazzy Steve

Brian Myers defeated Swoggle at Turning Point but Crazzy Steve came out to prevent a post-match attack from the “Most Professional Wrestler.” A singles match was then booked between the two tonight. After a competitive match, Myers resorted to underhanded tactics when he punched the legally blind Steve in the eye. Steve couldn’t see anything and Myers hit him with a clothesline for the win.

Hernandez Wins The Clash For Cash

For weeks now, several Impact wrestlers have been feuding over a wad of cash that was on the line in an arm-wrestling match between Rhino and Hernandez. Fallah Bah came into possession of the cash leading to the match between these two. The finish of the match came when Fallah Bah attempted a Samoan Drop but Hernandez fought out and slingshotted Bah off the ropes. Super Mex then flew off the top rope with a splash for the win.

Next Week In Impact Wrestling

A few big things take place next week on Impact Wrestling.

The Good Brothers have promised a “phenomenal” opponent for Ethan Page in singles competition.

Su Yung left a message for Deonna Purrazzo on a mirror in the back, letting the new Knockouts champion know she’s coming for her next week.

Also next week, Rich Swann and Ken Shamrock will go one-on-one, the KO tag tournament continues, and Johnny Swinger goes to Wrestlers Court.