Jon Moxley Confirms Eddie Kingston Wasn’t Originally Planned To Be His Full Gear Opponent


Jon Moxley also didn't share who was planned to fill this role.

Jon Moxley did an interview with Fight Game Media and during it, he revealed that Eddie Kingston was not originally planned to be his most recent title contender. 

Moxley successfully retained the AEW World Heavyweight Title against Kingston at the Full Gear PPV.

“I had a whole other set of plans for everything I was going to do with Lance (Archer), I had a whole different thing. I won’t reveal it in case I go back to it and do something similar. The thing with Eddie (Kingston), it was just a bridge for the night, like we have this big advertised main event but it’s 2020.”

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Moxley continued by noting that the fans are sympathetic to the shows being changed at the last minute due to one of the wrestlers being in contact with someone who has COVID. Thus, his original match with Lance Archer was nixed and a new match with Kingston on Dynamite was made.

He knew as soon as the match was over after he had choked out Kingston that they had something as Kingston was saying he never tapped out and it was so obvious. 

“So then, I Quit Match – four weeks of promos, easy money. I haven’t handpicked any opponent – whatever they’ve put in front of me for this whole title reign, whatever opponent, whatever style I just try to take on that new challenge every single time but this one I kind of gave a nod, it just makes all the sense in the world because we hadn’t finalized the plans yet for the pay-per-view.”

Moxley stated that Kingston said he never tapped and he instantly saw the whole story in his head. Moxley also noted that Tony Khan knew this as well so he gave them the confidence of doing the match at Full Gear. 

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