Jon Moxley On WWE Superstars Being Independent Contractors, Why He’s Frugal With Money


AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has commented on WWE Superstars being considered "independent contractors," and why he's still frugal with money.

All Elite Wrestling World Champion Jon Moxley has shared his thoughts on how WWE considers its talent to be independent contractors. He stressed how WWE‘s terminology “is not true.” Moxley broached the issue while appearing on the debut episode of Renee Young’s new podcast, Oral Sessions.

“When I was doing my taxes in WWE, because you’re an independent contractor – which is not true – you’re a fu–ing employee,” Moxley explained. “So, you have to pay your taxes. In the developmental first couple of years, I didn’t make that much money. I was able to do them myself on TurboTax.”

When Jon Moxley first began to earn a lot of money in WWE, he confessed the tax situation became confusing. He sought out the help of an accountant and a financial advisor who asked what he wanted to do with the money. Aware that “this could all end tomorrow,” Moxley wanted to save as much as he could. That way, he’d be covered in case anything happened.

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“That was my plan when I just started to make a little money in WWE. I was going to hoard it and save it because this could end at any moment,” Moxley said. “Went up, and had really nice, long run. Went over five years, but I still have that same mentality. I don’t ever want to depend on anyone else for a paycheck if that was the case.”

Moxley added how he still doesn’t like to spend money. Despite all his success, Moxley maintains a savings mindset that sees him continue to be frugal with his earnings instead of suddenly becoming something he’s not.

Jon Moxley is set to defend his AEW World Championship against Kenny Omega. The two clash on the December 2 episode of AEW Dynamite, entitled AEW Winter is Coming.