Kevin Nash Starring In Pandemic-Themed Movie “COVID-19 Invasion”


COVID-19 Invasion stars Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash has performed in many films and TV shows throughout his acting career. He has a starring role in the film “COVID-19 Invasion” which is currently in post-production. No release date has been confirmed as of yet for the film.

A description of the film reads “Chinese bats invade America. It’s up to Navy Seal Team Six to stop them.” Few details other than that are available.

Micah Lyons wrote and directed the film. The film had an estimated budget of $3 million and was filmed in Longview, Texas. IMDB’s page for the film is here.

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Nash is also featured in the recently released “Chick Fight” film. Malin Akerman, Alec Baldwin, and Kevin Connolly all appear in the movie as well. His other IMDB credits include Magic Mike XXL, John Wick, Magic Mike, Rock of Ages, Monster Brawl, The Longest Yard, The Punisher, and of course, 1992’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze when he played the role of Super Shredder.

Nash recently took part in an interview with the Miami Herald and spoke about how wrestling and Hollywood have overlapped through the years.

“(Sylvester Stallone) was really the first one to open the door. Wrestling was still the red-headed stepchild. I don’t think it was until (the Rock), everything he did with opening number one at the box office, Dwayne is the one that really has made it sheik to be a pro wrestler or ex-pro wrestler and be in this field. A guy like Dave Bautista, he’s a lead but he also does smart things. He did the role in Blade Runner. He reads the script and realizes that the character is intricate to the story.”