Kofi Kingston Talks “Mixed Emotions” of New Day Break Up


The former WWE Champion talks the break up of The New Day

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast. The former WWE Champion and RAW Superstar discussed a number of topics during his time on the show.

These included a potential return to bigger live audiences post COVID-19; Kingston would also discuss what it has been like in the company since the ‘break up’ of The New Day.

Kofi Kingston on The New Day

When discussing the New Day breakup, Kofi would say that he has mixed emotions about it. “A lot of mixed emotions for me” Kingston began on the podcast. “I’ll start with the negatives. [Xavier] Woods has been out, if you really think about it, for the past year? It has been for about a year. He had been out for a legitimately long time, so for a while it was just me and Big E.”

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“So we’d already kind of gotten almost like a head start, you know?” Kofi Kingston would continue. “Like a preview. Kind of an easing into what this was. And then all of a sudden? The draft happened and it made it official.”

Big E

“The way that it’s affected me the most? Walking into the locker room and not seeing Big E, then knowing that I’m not going to see him for the whole day? We hadn’t been in the same room physically together since about January [before the Draft] when we shot an episode of the podcast, when Xavier was still injured.”

Kingston would then discuss the main positive of the New Day breaking up. “I’ve said this before in a lot of different interviews as far as like Big E having a legitimate singles run. It’s so necessary, because he has earned it, he deserves it. He would be an amazing face of the company. Big E is smart, talented. He’s also hilarious, but he can be serious if he wants to be, very intimidating if he wants to be.

“You look at him? He’s a physical specimen” Kingston continued. I think that from from an unselfish perspective? He deserves that chance. He deserves to have a legitimate run at a major singles championship.”

Do you agree with Kofi Kingston? Do you think that Big E could end up a major singles Champion? Let us know in the comments

Kofi Kingston and The New Day. Photo Credit: WWE.com
Kofi Kingston and The New Day. Photo Credit: WWE.com