Liv Morgan Says First Riott Squad Incarnation Was Disbanded Too Quickly


A documentary special on Liv Morgan airs on the WWE Network this weekend.

On Sunday, the documentary “Liv Forever” will air on the WWE Network. 26-year-old Liv Morgan first signed with WWE in 2014. As of late, she is back together with her old Riott Squad partner, Ruby Riott. Morgan spoke to the Asbury Park Press about feeling as though the first incarnation of the Riott Squad was broken up too early.

“The first time The Riott Squad was around I feel like we disbanded before we were ready. We were just hitting our stride and then it was taken away,” Morgan said. “And so to have the opportunity again, Ruby and I kind of feel like we have a chance to re-write history and to create whatever we want.”

The Riott Squad debuted on the main roster in November of 2017. In the spring of 2019, Morgan moved from RAW to Smackdown, breaking up the team for a period. This spring, Sarah Logan was released from the company. Liv and Ruby began teaming with each other again this summer.

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“And so we can go at it this time around doing everything that we wished we could have the first time. And so we’re not taking it lightly at all. We know this might be the last time, and so we are completely focused and have our sights set on becoming the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and we just know we have to make the most of it.”

The full interview with Morgan can be read here.