Mark Henry Reveals More Backstage Info from Zelina Vega’s WWE Release


The WWE Hall of Famer talks the WWE release of Zelina Vega

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently discussed WWE releasing Zelina Vega. The story broke over the weekend and is the hottest topic in wrestling, bringing the ‘independent contractor’ status of WWE on-screen performers into question once again.

“I was a little shocked but I wasn’t completely surprised” Mark Henry began on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio. “Because I know how much of a Twitch and social media maven that she is. And it was gonna be hard to get her not to do Cameos, it would be hard to get her not to do Twitch, and so on, and so on.”

Zelina Vega’s Parting Gifts

“I mean you just look at Halloween? Like she dressed up like three or four different people” Henry continued. “This cosplay stuff and having relationships with the fans based on all the characters that she played. So, I didn’t see her dropping it, there’s a couple other people that I didn’t see dropping it.”

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Several people in the arts and entertainment industry have rallied behind Zelina Vega in the aftermath of the release. SAG-AFTRA have also declared that they’re looking at helping professional wrestlers to “secure the protections they deserve.”

Avid Streamer Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega)

Mark Henry would then reveal that Zelina Vega was aware that she would be getting the axe from WWE before the news was officially released.

“But the thing about it is? She knew she got…and this is this comes from good authority, I don’t release my sources. It comes from good authority that she knew before they gave her the future endeavor speech. Then she was like ‘well I’m gonna leave some parting gifts.'”

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Do you think that we’ll see Zelina Vega in AEW, IMPACT or elsewhere? Any guesses as to who Mark Henry’s ‘sources’ are? Let us know in the comments