Matt Riddle Spoke To Vince McMahon About Heat With Certain People In WWE


Matt Riddle was recently called up to the main roster after a successful run in NXT that included a tag title reign with Timothy Thatcher.

Riddle has a reputation for being a polarizing figure behind the scenes in WWE. He rubs some people the wrong way. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg did not appreciate Riddle calling them out. Riddle was accused of sexual assault, resulting in a (still pending) lawsuits against Riddle and WWE.

Seth Rollins is the latest big name to take issue with the Original Bro. After speaking highly about Riddle in recent years, Rollins recently stated on WWE programming interview that he has no plans on working with Riddle in WWE. Rollins stated in mid-October, “I’ve got no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career so he can go to RAW as far as I’m concerned.”

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The heat between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle might stem from Riddle’s wife body shaming Rollins’ wife, Becky Lynch, on social media. Seemingly out of the blue, Riddle’s wife Riddle’s wife Lisa posted a photo of Becky Lynch‘s backside, calling her “skinny, jiggly fat” and suggest she needs to squat in relation to pretty much nothing

During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Matt Riddle revealed he spoke to WWE boss Vince McMahon a few weeks ago about the Rollins situation.

“To answer your question, yes, some people I have heat with,” said Riddle. “But most of it’s just high school, catty, ‘He said this’, people who just can’t take a joke or a work.”

At the end of the day, Vince McMahon signs the checks in WWE and Matt Riddle will do his best to be a good independent contractor.

“I was in Vince McMahon’s office just three weeks ago, before this thing broke out,” Riddle said. “I was in headquarters talking to him – and, yeah, we mentioned the heat I have with certain people but, at the end of the day, he signs the checks, he makes it happen for me and they’re in control, not the talent.”

He continued by saying that if Vince is happy and he can help WWE make money, then he’s pulling his weight and he doesn’t see a problem.