MJF Joins Inner Circle After Beating Chris Jericho At AEW Full Gear


The unlikely match between Chris Jericho and MJF took place at the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view event in Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place.

The match featured a stipulation, which was if MJF won then he could join up with the group. Jericho was a babyface with the fans and MJF a total heel. That was the dynamic of this contest. Near the end, they did some near falls with Jericho connecting with the likes of Walls and codebreaker.

The finish saw Wardlow distracting the referee and Jericho was going to hit MJF with a bat, but MJF did the famous Eddie Guerrero fake sell to roll him up. MJF is now in the group. 

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After a few weeks of slow build up to this match, AEW had some interesting segments in the final three weeks of Dynamite. On the October 21st show, AEW did a “La Dinner Demonair” segment. 

The segment started off with both men ordering dinner while going back and forth Tension increased as they tried to one-up each other until they started signing.

Fast forward to the October 28th episode, Inner Circle held a Town Hall Meeting to determine if MJF could join up with the group. Obviously, a decision wasn’t made, but it turned out to be an entertaining segment as Eric Bischoff got to ask a question about how they would know the other wouldn’t attack them once in the group.  The end of the segment saw Jericho toss out the challenge to a match at Full Gear.