Pat McAfee Isn’t Interested In Delivering Scripted Promos


NXT's Pat McAfee has revealed he's not interested in delivering scripted promos if he were moved to WWE's main roster.

Pat McAfee has been incredibly vocal on NXT as of late, often speaking on behalf of his new NXT stable. In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, McAfee shared how NXT allows him greater creative freedom. He explained how he’s not interested in delivering scripted promos if the main roster came calling.

“Yeah, probably not,” McAfee said on the subject. “I’m in such a good situation where I can say that. I have a business, I have 10 employees, my guys and I go to work every single day trying to do our show and we have a merch business that does really well. Literally, everything I’ve said in promos is true. I’m in a very lucky situation for everything I’ve been in and I understand that a lot of professional wrestlers aren’t.”

McAfee acknowledged how he’s in a unique situation. His particular situation allows him to discuss ideas with WWE‘s creative team if he isn’t comfortable with what they’ve pitched. He confessed that’s he’s “not a good reader” and that he’s “never read a book in my entire life.”

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He was quick to add that this isn’t something to brag about, noting how kids should read. McAfee then added how reading just isn’t his thing as he’s a more visual learner. Ultimately, McAfee conceded that he isn’t a good enough actor to deliver scripted promos. If he were forced to, he believes it wouldn’t be good for himself or WWE.

Pat McAfee Discusses Watching From The Sidelines

Regarding his potential in-ring future, Pat McAfee revealed how he had watched enviously from the sidelines for many years. According to him, he was itching for the chance to compete inside the squared circle.

“For two and a half years I had to sit on that goddamn kickoff show panel just asking for an opportunity to do this whole thing, and now that I’ve gotten the opportunity to go, I’m gonna go as hard as I can and do everything I think I should be doing and try to make it as enjoyable and as entertaining as possible.”

He acknowledged how NXT has put a lot of trust in him to “do what I wanna do.”

McAfee shared how he loves being a part of NXT alongside his new stable, describing it as his favorite thing to do on Earth.