Paul Heyman: ‘Timing Was Never Right’ To Turn Roman Reigns Heel Until Now


Paul Heyman has explained why "the timing was never right" for a Roman Reigns heel turn. Until now.

Paul Heyman has explained that, despite himself, Roman Reigns, and even Vince McMahon all wanting Reigns to turn heel sooner, “the timing was never right.”

Speaking with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Heyman opened up about how, despite Reigns’ interest in turning heel, he wasn’t ready for this kind of persona.

Roman Reigns could not pull off this portrayal of the top star in the industry even a year ago. He wasn’t weathered enough, he wasn’t seasoned enough, and he wasn’t experienced enough,” Heyman explained. “He still looked too young. But now, you look at his face, you see some seasoning and some weathering.”

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Heyman pointed to how Reigns was dominating Jey Uso during their Hell in a Cell bout. He highlighted how Reigns was demeaning Uso throughout, pointing to how he had done the exact same thing when they were kids.

Paul Heyman believes that Reigns didn’t look grizzled enough for his current Tribal Chief persona. Now, however, “you see the wars on his face” and the “pressure and the obligation and the responsibility and the accountability and the sheer burden” of his role and how it weighs on Reigns.

Roman Reigns is set for a Champion vs. Champion matchup against WWE Champion Randy Orton at Survivor Series. Paul Heyman will be ringside in support of Reigns for the bout.

Survivor Series takes place on November 22nd from the Amway Center in Orlando, FL.