R-Truth Opens Up About Being Overwhelmed And Ready To Quit WWE


Raw Superstar R-Truth has reflected on the beginning of his career in WWE, recalling being overwhelmed and being ready to quit.

Raw Superstar R-Truth opened up about his early career in WWE and shared how close he was to quitting during an interview with The New Day’s podcast, Feel the Power.

Reflecting on first signing with the then-WWF, R-Truth confessed he was growing frustrated wrestling for WWE developmental.

“The overwhelming feeling, I just embraced it and took it head on. Road Dogg saw me in developmental. I was about to quit because I was in developmental for almost nine months – they told me I would be there for six months. I was there for nine months and it didn’t seem like anything was working out.”

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R-Truth recalled how he had been running out of money while sleeping on Daniel Bryan and Brian Kendrick’s floor. At that point, he was ready to quit because of how discouraged he had become.

“I was questioning myself. It was a whole different route that I embraced, and it was not paying off. It was not giving me what I thought I would have. I’m not a big wrestling star, so I was discouraged and ready to quit.”

R-Truth & Road Dogg

R-Truth informed Kevin Kelly, Bruch Prichard, and Terry Golden he didn’t intend to re-sign with WWE. Golden then asked him what he intended to do when he got home. R-Truth confessed he was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know the answer.

Things started to change, however, after Road Dogg saw R-Truth rapping:

“Nothing was paying off, and Road Dogg came to the TV taping and saw me rap going out. I think I wrestled Jerry Lawler that night. When I came back to the locker room, two or three guys told me Road Dogg was asking about you. I said, ‘Road Dogg of DX?’ They said, ‘yeah’.”

R-Truth continued, “Got in the locker room, and we all know Road Dogg. Road Dogg came to my face and said, ‘Was that you dancing and rapping to the ring?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Do you want to be my tag partner?’ I said, ‘Man, I was about to quit. I don’t think this is for me. I think I bit off more than what I can chew.’ He said, ‘I’ll tell you what – I know you have been discouraged. You give me one month and I will have you on TV.’ I said, ‘Alright.'”

After Road Dogg’s proposal, R-Truth recalled how everything started falling into place in less than a month. This resurgence culminated with R-Truth making his Raw debut as K-Kwik in 2000.