Reckoning Calls Asuka A “Dancing Clown” & Says She’s Coming For RAW Women’s Title


Reckoning is coming for the RAW Women's Championship.

The last female member left in Retribution is Reckoning (aka Mia Yim). Based on comments she made in a YouTube exclusive video, Reckoning is coming for Asuka and the RAW Women’s Championship.

“We will decontaminate every aspect of this industry including the women’s division which has been reigned on by some dancing clown for too long, in Asuka,” Reckoning said in the video.

Mustafa Ali also explained Retribution‘s recent actions during the video promo.

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“You may be done with the past but the past is not done with you. I gave all of you a warning, I told you Retribution is judge, jury, and executioner and now that warning is a reality,” Ali said.

“You know they tell me this place is survival of the fittest. How do you expect anything to survive here when it is being suffocated by creative? Why should a life-long dream die just because they didn’t push enough t-shirts in one week? This place is sick and Retribution is the cure.”

“Just look at what we did to Tucker, a man who sold out his best friend just to get ahead. Look at what we did to Ricochet, a man so obsessed with admiration that he tried to stop rightful justice from being served.”

The full promo can be viewed in the player below: