Recap Of Jon Moxley On Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions Podcast


AEW World Champion Jon Moxley joined his wife Renee Paquette for the premiere episode of her Oral Sessions podcast.

It was an entertaining discussion that showcased Paquette’s penchant for interviewing. They spoke about Moxley’s childhood (“First of all, I was adorable”) before talking at length about their complimentary personalities, with Renee being outgoing and Moxley being more of an introvert. She joked, “I can’t believe how comfortable you are with making other people uncomfortable” and said she has always been impressed how comfortable he is with silence.

Jon Moxley: Introvert Hero

Moxley said he spends a lot of time in his own head, even when conversing with people. Someone will be talking to him, and he’s carrying on with a separate conversation in his head. Some have found that odd, but it’s how his mind works.

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Moxley said people have been trying to ‘fix’ that aspect of him since he was young. since he was a kid. As a 35 year old man, he has identified quirks in his personality that are off-putting to other people an has smoothed out the rough edges. Overall, he’s gotten this far being himself.

Renee said that sometimes she burns herself out feeling like she has to be outgoing and ask people questions. It can be exhausting to give so much of herself to people in social situations, while Moxley is passive. He dropped a great quote when he said, “You need to learn the art of ignoring people.”

He does not like social media, because it’s a 1-way conversation, like a bulletin board. Sometime’s he’ll be asked to post things and will do it for Renee or AEW‘s social media manager. However, it’s generally not his thing.

Moxley spoke about his childhood, where he was a mischievous kid from Piccadilly, Cincinnati. He described the area as being run-down with trailer parks and lots of fights. He’d steal things just to get by. He knew the difference between right and wrong, but everybody stole. “We had no money.”

“You’re Not A Good Famous Person”

At age 12, he couldn’t imagine being famous when he was older. It was ridiculous to entertain that concept. “You’re not a great famous person,” said Renee.

Money said the fame brought him financial security and the ability to provide for his family and friends. He lived much of his life without any money, so he saves as much as he can and doesn’t care about the finer things. He doesn’t buy fancy toys, he’s not into fancy restaurants. During the interview, he said the shirt and hat he was wearing were gifted to him. In fact, he didn’t even have a bank account when he received his first paycheck from WWE.

As for the attention that fame brings, he could do without it. He’d be content making good money wrestling at the local community rec center in front of 500 people every weekend. He just wants to wrestle, tell stories, get physical and experience that feeling he gets after a big match.

There’s a lot more to the interview, including his take on WWE Superstars being independent contractors and a fun story about a special night they shared in Times Square after a WWE MSG live event.

Listen to Jon Moxley on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast at or in the player embedded below: