Renee Paquette Opens Up About Pregnancy After Big Announcement


Renee Young says they are beyond excited to start this new chapter of their lives

Jon Moxley casually mentioned that he had a pregnant wife at home during a promo on this week’s episode of Dynamite and this is how the world found out about the pregnancy of Renee Young.

Young opened up about her pregnancy after the big announcement in her interview with and said that they are beyond excited to start this new chapter of their lives:

“We are so beyond excited to start this new chapter, and now finally having the world know feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest.

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I am the worst at keeping fun secrets! However I definitely couldn’t have predicted that the world would have found out on AEW Dynamite.”

Talking about the way the world found out about her pregnancy, Young revealed that she was still thinking about ways to make the announcement when Mox decided to let everyone know:

“I was thinking about all of these cute different ways that we could break the news to everyone and then bam, Jon just haphazardly spills the beans on Dynamite! But we’re a kinda no-frills couple, so I guess it actually fit perfectly.”

Renee Young then revealed that they don’t know the gender of the baby yet but said that they have options for baby names for both the scenarios.

The former WWE star also claimed that her maternal instinct is telling her that it’s going to be a girl. You can check out her full interview at this link.