The Miz: ‘I Don’t Get The Respect I Feel I Deserve’


Mr. Money in the Bank, The Miz, has revealed he doesn't feel he gets the respect he deserves from the WWE Universe.

Despite all of his accomplishments and championship accolades in WWE, The Miz still feels disrespected by wrestling fans. Miz opened up about his feelings during a recent interview with Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio, where he revealed he doesn’t “get the respect” he feels he deserves.

“Even in WWE, sometimes I feel I don’t get the respect I feel like I want, maybe that I feel I deserve,” Miz said. “I’ve won every title there is to win, but yet sometimes I feel like — you know, you’ll read Twitter here and there and you’ll see all the negative comments. ‘You don’t deserve to be there, we hate you, you’re the worst.'”

The Miz then revealed that, although he sees the negative comments aimed at him, he uses them to drive him. He argued how the kind of person taking the time to embrace such negativity is probably “[…] some nerd in his basement just typing away. So, I use it as fuel.”

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With Tucker’s unexpected assistance, The Miz defeated Otis at WWE’s Hell in a Cell event in October. His victory granted him the Money in the Bank contract, ensuring The Miz a future WWE Championship opportunity against a champion of his choice.