The Undertaker Wishes He Could’ve Wrestled The Fiend


Taker would've wanted to share the ring with The Fiend

The Undertaker made an appearance on today’s episode of WWE’s The Bump to discuss his 30-year career in WWE and promote his appearance at Survivor Series. 

During the interview, he reflected on the long driven ride he’s taken over the years and who he would want to face for one last match. This is where he noted that it would be Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego, The Fiend.

“At this iteration now, man, the possibilities are limitless. He’s really taken his character to the next level. It’s original and so different from what everybody else does.

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I would have loved to be able to work a program with The Fiend. I mean, my goodness, there’s no telling what kind of matches we would have come up with.”

For those who are questioning this, yes, the former WWE Champion did wrestle Wyatt at WrestleMania 31 in 2015. However, Taker isn’t necessarily talking about the Wyatt character of old, but this new gimmick as Wyatt works matches differently. 

Taker has confirmed in various interviews that in his mind he is retired as an in-ring performer after being in the pro wrestling business for 34 years. 

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