The Young Bucks Reveal Details Of Their First Meeting With Tony Khan


The Young Bucks talk being skeptical about the idea of AEW at first

The All In show was the start of a new era in wrestling and then Young Bucks’ association with Tony Khan has led to some massive changes in the industry.

During a recent interview with TalkSport, the brothers discussed a number of things and also revealed details of their first meeting with the person who will eventually become the president of All Elite Wrestling.

The Bucks first revealed that they had actually no sold Khan’s first attempt of contacting them and according to Nick Jackson they almost didn’t pick his phone:

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“What’s funny is he tried contacting us both at first and I no sold it because I had heard this story before. I was like ‘ah, I don’t believe it’”

However, Matt Jackson decided to take the call and they had a conversation about starting AEW. According to the duo, they were still skeptical about it at the time but things started snowballing after their first face to face meeting:

“I remember meeting him for the first time in London at York Hall for a Ring of Honor show. He was in the balcony and little did Ring of Honor know that we were going to meet him [laughs].

He picked us up in a limousine right after that and took us to the stadium his team plays at [Fulham’s Craven Cottage] and we pretty much talked from there, things started snowballing and we pretty much knew it was serious when we were at his stadium and he’s telling us ‘maybe we can fill this thing up one day!”

During the interview, the Young Bucks revealed that they had plans to do a UK tour right before the coronavirus hit but the pandemic halted those plans.

The duo also confirmed that they are working towards getting a live show in the UK but they claimed that there is no news on that right now. You can check out their full interview at this link.