The Young Bucks Talk Breaking The ‘Unwritten Rules of Wrestling’


Matt and Nick Jackson appeared on Busted Open and talked 'killing the wrestling business'

The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The AEW Tag Team Champions discussed a number of topics during their time on the show; these included their time in IMPACT, changing their working style and writing their new autobiography.

The Bucks would also talk about their chaotic and ‘spot fest’ style of tag team wrestling. It’s clear that there have been detractors of this type of in-ring style; particularly among those with an ‘old-school’ mentality, such as Jim Cornette. The Young Bucks would express exactly why they feel they’re so polarizing as a duo during Busted Open.

Young Bucks on Wrestling ‘Rules’

“We broke the unwritten rules of wrestling” Matt Jackson would begin. “Like you’re only supposed to do a couple of high spots in the match. Well what do we do? We start off with 20 high spots.”

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“And ‘hey, the Superkick is a finisher!’ Not for us” Jackson would continue. “For us it’s just a fun move we do 12 times a match. These are the rules of wrestling that…the unspoken rules you do not break. So, when you do those things? People say ‘you’re going to kill the business.'”

Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues is the duo’s newly released book. Matt Jackson would also discuss how the name came about based on the aforementioned in-ring style. “I think that’s kind of where the phrase was kind of coined. It was the critics who said that we were spamming Superkicks. That we were doing too many high spots. We were doing all of the things that you’re not supposed to do. But for whatever reason? It worked for us when it was never supposed to work.”

Do you enjoy the AEW Tag Team Champion’s style of wrestling? Are you going to check out the new book? Let us know in the comments