Tully Blanchard Issues Statement On Being Banned From Ringside At Full Gear


Tully Blanchard has been banned from ringside at AEW Full Gear.

AEW has announced that due to Tully Blanchard’s frequent interference in FTR matches, he will be banned from ringside at Full Gear when the champions face the Young Bucks. In an AEW social exclusive, Tully Blanchard read a prepared statement from his attorney in regards to the matter.

AEW even though it is a league with a constitution and bylaws, this is extremely and excessively punitive. It’s arbitrary, capricious, and it is an imposition on discipline because other managers that have interfered and caused this, they haven’t been kicked out, they haven’t been banned from the arena.”

Blanchard then promised a legal response to AEW‘s ruling.

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“I promise you, I’m going to attorneys, and I’m going to the board and this is going to be a lawsuit if it doesn’t get fixed.”

“It’s just another example of favouritism against us,” added Cash Wheeler. “It is what it is though because come Saturday, at Full Gear, we’re stepping in the ring with the Young Bucks with or without Tully Blanchard and we are going to prove once and for all that we are the best tag-team on the planet.”

“For the last decade, two tag-teams have sat at the pinnacle of professional wrestling,” Dax Harwood added. “And that’s FTR and that’s Young Bucks.”

The full interview with Tully Blanchard and FTR can be viewed in the player below: