Seth Rollins Taking Time Away From WWE Soon


Seth Rollins will be taking some time off from WWE shortly.

Seth Rollins is set to take some time off from WWE soon. With him and partner Becky Lynch about to welcome their first child into the world, Rollins could be on the sidelines for a few months. His pending absence was discussed recently on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

Becky Lynch is about to give birth, I think within a week or two, that’s why they blew off the Rey thing this week,” said Dave Meltzer. “They are going to do the Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy match next week and then the Survivor Series. Probably after Survivor Series, maybe a week after, but he’s going to be gone for probably to the 1st of the year maybe, I don’t know that there’s a definite date.”

Rollins and Rey Mysterio had a no holds barred match on Smackdown this week that was billed as the blow-off to the feud. Murphy turned on Rollins during the match, however, setting up a future match between the two.

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Becky Lynch announced she was pregnant in the spring. Rollins then spoke to People about finding out they were going to have a child.

“We got the test back and it said pregnant and she was more shocked and I was just hyped,” Rollins said. “I was so excited, I think, right out of the gate. I wish we had a camera on because I threw my arms up in the air, I was so excited about it.”