WWE Files To Trademark “Dean Ambrose”


WWE has filed to trademark the name Dean Ambrose.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley was known as Dean Ambrose from 2011 to 2019 while in WWE. According to information publicly available on the US Patent and Trademark Office website, WWE has filed to trademark the name “Dean Ambrose” once again.

WWE held the trademark from November 5th, 2013 until August 28th, 2020. Real-name Jonathan Good, the 34-year-old had used the name “Jon Moxley” before signing with WWE in 2011.

WWE could have renewed the trademark this summer but instead, it was officially canceled at the end of August. About 5 weeks later, WWE then filed again to trademark the term on October 8th, 2020. It is not clear what led the company to abandon the trademark and then file again for it over the course of such a short span of time.

WWE and Cody Rhodes Trademark Issues

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WWE seeking to trademark the former ring name of AEW‘s world champion comes on the heels of Cody Rhodes regaining use of his previous ring name.

Shortly after it was revealed Cody had regained use of the “Rhodes” name, WWE filed to trademark the names of several older WCW PPVs. More information about this is available in the link below: