WWE Reportedly Looking To Expand NXT Programming


Could WWE be planning a second NXT show?

NXT expanded its weekly programming from a one-hour show to a two-hour program last year and latest reports suggest that we might see a further extension of some sort for the Black and Yellow brand in the future.

According to reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H is going through the budget and trying to find a way to expand the NXT programming with some type of show.

The idea behind it is to get more ring time and exposure for the stacked NXT roster. Though there is no word on if the company could be considering a second TV show for the brand.

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It’s possible that the officials might be looking to do some sort of local event for the NXT stars but it was noted that they won’t be doing regular non televised live events as they were doing prior to the pandemic.

Before the coronavirus pandemic forced the promotion to halt live events, the brand used to run two separate sets of house shows. One set saw the top NXT stars touring the major US cities while another group consisting of younger wrestlers ran smaller venues in Florida.

This is not the first time we are hearing about a second NXT show and reports have suggested that the company was looking to expand the NXT programming before the pandemic hit.

Now it would be interesting to see where these rejuvenated talks about expanding the NXT programming lead and if we see a second NXT show sometime in near future.