WWE Survivor Series Results: The Undertaker’s Farewell, Reigns vs. McIntyre


WWE Survivor Series aired live from the ThunderDome. Team RAW battled Team SmackDown and The Undertaker said his final farewell during tonight’s PPV.

Survivor Series Results

  1. The Miz won the Dual-Brand Battle Royal (Kickoff Show)
  2. Team RAW def. Team SmackDown (Men’s Team)
  3. Street Profits def. New Day
  4. Lashley def. Sami Zayn via submission
  5. Sasha Banks def. Asuka
  6. Team RAW def. Team SmackDown (Women’s Team)
  7. Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre

Here are the takeaways from the PPV:

Team RAW Dominated

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Team RAW (AJ Styles, Riddle, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Sheamus) battled Team SmackDown (Jey Uso, Otis, Kevin Owens, King Corbin, Seth Rollins) in a Survivor Series elimination match.

AJ Styles came to the ring first and said that is the captain and will not apologize for the team victory they are about to have. Riddle interrupted his promo and made his way to the ring.

Match Recap: Jey Uso and AJ Styles started off the action by locking up in the middle of the ring. AJ connected with a Dropkick but Jey battled back with a right hand to the face as Paul Heyman was shown watching backstage. Styles went for the Pele Kick but Jey dodged it and rolled up AJ for a near fall.

Uso planted AJ with a Samoan Drop for a one count. Corbin tagged in and leveled Styles with a punch. Otis tagged in and went for a Splash but AJ got out of the way. Riddle tagged in and walked into a shoulder tackle from Otis. Owens tagged in and targeted Riddle’s bare feet with his attack.

Sheamus tagged in and Seth Rollins asked Owens to tag him in. Owens obliged and the Messiah entered the ring. Rollins said “for the greater good” and dropped to his knees. Seth asked Sheamus to do his part and Sheamus leveled him with a Brogue Kick to eliminate Seth Rollins.

Riddle unloaded multiple kicks to Corbin and tagged in Keith Lee. Otis tagged in and the two big men circle each other. Lee dropped Otis with a punch and tagged in Strowman. Braun hit Otis with a Dropkick and tagged in AJ. Owens tagged in and hit AJ with a Back Body Drop.

Owens dropped Keith Lee and Sheamus with a couple Stunners. Owens delivered another one to Riddle but turned around into the Phenomenal Forearm from AJ for the elimination. Corbin hit Styles with the End of Days but Team RAW broke it up. Corbin hit Sheamus with Deep Six and went for the End of Days again but AJ escaped.

Sheamus hit Jey with a knee to the face and went for the cover but Uso was able to kick out at two. Sheamus clubbed Jey across the chest but Jey battled back with an Enziguri. Otis tagged in and hit Sheamus with a Clothesline. Styles tagged in and Otis hit him with a Belly to Belly Throw.

Braun tagged in and booted Otis to the mat. Otis responded with a massive slam and followed it up with the Caterpillar Elbow. Strowman shrugged it off and hit the Running Powerslam to eliminate Otis. Jey Uso was the final member left for Team SmackDown.

Jey hit Team RAW with a Splash outside the ring. Jey sent Riddle into the steel steps and hit Keith Lee with a Superkick. Back in the ring, Uso sent Braun into the ring post. AJ tagged in and Jey hit him with a Superkick. Jey climbed to the top rope but AJ’s associate dragged him out of the ring.

Keith Lee tagged in but Jey didn’t see it. Jey climbed to the top rope but Lee caught him. Lee then planted Jey with the Spirit Bomb for the pinfall victory. Team RAW defeated Team SmackDown 5-0.

Later on the show, Roman Reigns told Jey that they lost because his team didn’t respect him. Reigns added that Jey doesn’t have a place at the table if he cannot get people to respect him and told him to get out of the arena.

Street Profits Defeated New Day

RAW Tag Team Champions New Day faced SmackDown Tag Team Champions Street Profits. New Day came down to the ring dressed as characters from Gears of War.

Match Recap: Dawkins shoved Woods to the corner and Kingston tagged in. Ford tagged in and locked up with Kofi in the middle of the ring. Montez kicked Kofi in the midsection and tagged in Angelo Dawkins. Angelo connected with a Splash for a two count.

Montez tagged back in and went for a Moonsault but Kingston got his knees up. New Day leaped on Street Profits outside the ring and took control of the match by isolating Ford in the corner. Woods hit Ford with a Gutbuster as Kofi booted a red solo cup to taunt Street Profits.

Ford escaped but Xavier dropped him with a punch to the ribs. Kingston tagged in and Montez planted him with a DDT. Dawkins and Woods tagged in and Angelo hit Xavier with an elbow to the face. Dawkins hit Woods with a Neckbreaker and went for the cover but Xavier kicked out at two.

Montez and Kofi tagged back in. New Day connected with Midnight Hour but somehow Montez kicked out at two. Dawkins hit Kingston with the Anointment and Ford followed it up with the From the Heavens Frog Splash. Ford couldn’t go for the cover right away because of his ribs and it allowed Kingston to kick out at two.

Kingston hit Ford with the SOS and Woods leveled Dawkins with a Dropkick. Woods tagged in as Montez hit Kingston with Trouble in Paradise. Woods hit Ford with a Gutbuster but once again Montez was able to kick out at the last moment. Dawkins tagged in and lifted up Woods in the Electric Chair. Street Profits hit Woods with a Blockbuster for the pinfall victory.

Opinion: Street Profits and New Day put on an excellent match tonight. A loss doesn’t hurt New Day at all but this is a huge win for the Street Profits.

Bobby Lashley Picked Up A Win

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn faced United States Champion Bobby Lashley tonight. Hurt Business was ringside for the match.

Match Recap: Sami Zayn got out of the ring and got distracted by Shelton Benjamin. Lashley capitalized and hit Sami from behind. Zayn attacked Lashley as he got back into the ring and stomped him to the canvas. Lashley quickly regrouped and launched Sami into the turnbuckle.

Zayn once again rolled out of the ring but Lashley brought him back to the apron by his hair. Sami slammed Lashley’s neck into the ropes and followed it up with an elbow to the head for a one count. Lashley sent Sami flying across the ring and then planted Zayn with a Neckbreaker.

Sami connected with a boot to the face and went for a Suplex but Lashley countered into a Suplex of his own. Zayn pretended to have Vertigo and rolled up Lashley from behind for a near fall. Zayn rolled out of the ring and MVP started taunting him. Lashley once again capitalized on the distraction and sent Zayn into the barricade.

Zayn sent Lashley into the ring post and rolled back into the ring. Lashley made it into the ring at the last second but Sami sent him right back to the outside. Sami tried to take the pad off the turnbuckle but Alexander & Benjamin stopped him. Zayn went for the Helluva Kick but Lashley countered into a slam.

Sami rolled out of the ring again and started retreating up the entrance ramp. MVP stood in his way and Sami tried to get the referee to disqualify Lashley by tripping over MVP. MVP rolled Zayn back into the ring and Lashley applied the Hurt Lock for the submission victory.