AEW Dynamite Results (12/30): Brodie Lee Tribute, Erick Rowan Appears


AEW Dynamite aired live from Daily’s Place. The entire show was a tribute to Brodie Lee and New Year’s Smash was rescheduled until next week. The show kicked off with a ten bell salute to the late Brodie Lee with the Huber family in attendance.

Dynamite Results (12/30)

  1. Young Bucks & Colt Cabana def. Matt Hardy & Private Party
  2. Lance Archer, Stu Grayson, Evil Uno def. Eddie Kingston, Butcher, Blade
  3. Hangman Page, John Silver, Alex Reynolds def. MJF, Santana, Ortiz
  4. Tay Conti & Anna Jay def. Britt Baker & Penelope Ford
  5. Cody, Orange Cassidy, 10 def. Team Taz (Cage, Starks, Hobbs)

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Wrestlers Spoke On The Legacy Of Brodie Lee

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Jon Moxley: He said that Brodie brought joy to the people around him and he had the privelage of spending over a decade around Brodie. Moxley added that wrestling was just a job, but his family came first. Jon said that 2020 has hit us hard but he has learned that pro wrestling is a community and that they support each other. Moxley stated that he hopes Brodie’s legacy helps inspire everyone to be better and appreciate the time they have. Jon added that he loves Brodie and will never forget him.

Darby Allin: Brodie Lee had no ego and gave all the young guys so much knowledge. He was the man and the #1 person I wished I could have wrestled.

Dax Harwood: Brodie was the most genuine human being I had ever met in professional wrestling.

Arn Anderson: Arn recalled Brodie being a family man and always making them laugh.

Colt Cabana: We would tape Dynamite and AEW Dark was right after but he would always race home to see his family.

Bryce Remsburg: With tears in his eyes he stated that if there were a Mount Rushmore of wrestling dads, Brodie should be on it.

Eddie Kingston: He is going to miss Brodie busting his balls and believing in him when he didn’t believe in himself. Kingston added that Brodie is not gone as long as his son’s remember him. Eddie said that Brodie loved his kids more than anything.

Chris Jericho: Chris said he had the pleasure of working with Brodie 27 times. Jericho brought up a time when there was a sticker on the ceiling in Saudi Arabia and Chris hated it. Brodie pointed out that it wasn’t a sticker it was an arrow to Mecca and that sums up Brodie. He was this sarcastic guy but knew everything. Jericho added that he has a mean dog but even she ran right up to Brodie and started licking him because she knew what a great person who was. Jericho stated that Brodie proved in just a matter of months in AEW that he deserved to be the main event.

Young Bucks & Colt Cabana Picked Up A Win

Matt Hardy & Private Party squared off against AEW Tag Team Champions Young Bucks & Colt Cabana. Cabana and Kassidy started off the action. Colt leveled Kassidy with a punch to the face and Marq Quen tagged in. Cabana connected with a Russian Leg Sweep and then Dropkicked Matt to the outside.

Matt Jackson connected with a Dropkick through the ropes and Nick followed it up with a Senton. Colt hit a springboard Moonsault onto Private Party and Matt Hardy. Matt tagged in and started choking Nick in the corner. Hardy locked in a Sleeper Hold in the middle of the ring.

Jackson broke free and tagged in Matt. Matt hit Hardy with a Superkick and Nick followed it up with a Dropkick. Quen tagged in and connected with a Suplex for a near fall. Kassidy tagged in and stomped Matt down in the corner of the ring. Quen hit Matt Jackson with a Dropkick to the face and prevented him from tagging out.

Kassidy hit Matt with an Enziguri and followed it up with a Back Drop for a two count. Matt tagged in and hit a Clothesline for a near fall. Matt Jackson hit Hardy with a Crossbody off the middle turnbuckle for a two count. Hardy battled back and connected with the Side Effect for a two count.

Matt Jackson then planted Matt Hardy with the Twist of Fate and tagged in Cabana. Colt flipped onto Private Party and unloaded some punches to Quen’s face. Colt connected with the Flying Apple and went for the cover but Kassidy kicked out at two.

Kassidy Dropkicked Colt in the knee and tagged in Quen. Marq connected with a Splash off the top rope and went for the cover but Cabana powered out at two. Nick Jackson hit Matt Hardy with a Superkick and followed it up with a Hurricanrana to Quen.

Nick leveled Marq with a Clothesline but Matt Hardy tripped him up. Matt threw Cabana over the barricade but turned around into a kick to the face from Nick Jackson. Nick Moonsaulted onto Hardy and made his was way to the top rope. Private Party hit Nick with Gin & Juice and Hardy followed it up with the Twist of Fate.

Quen then hit a Shooting Star Press but Colt broke it up at two. Matt grabbed a steel chair and demanded that Quen hit Nick with it. Quen refused and Nick hit him with an elbow to the face. Colt tagged in and leveled Matt off the apron. Young Bucks planted Quen with the Indytaker and Cabana picked the pinfall victory.

After the match, The Acclaimed interrupted but SCU attacked them from behind. Young Bucks Superkicked The Acclaimed as Cabana posed with the Dark Order symbol.

Lance Archer & Dark Order Dominated

Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and Lance Archer faced The Butcher, The Blade, and Eddie Kingston tonight on Dynamite. Lance Archer was dressed as Luke Harper for the match. Eddie Kingston said that he loved Brodie and will miss him. Kingston then claimed that the Dark Order is nothing without him and they are going to prove it tonight.

The match started off with a massive brawl and then Eddie Kingston got planted with a Suplex from Evil Uno. Uno and Grayson then Suplexed Lance Archer on top of Kingston. Dark Order & Archer remained in control as Dynamite went to a commercial break.

When Dynamite returned, Archer planted Blade with a Uranage. Archer went for a Chokeslam but Blade escaped to the corner. Lance hit him with a Splash and then walked across the top rope. Lance connected with a ridiculous Moonsault and then battled with Butcher.

Lance sent Butcher flying across the ring with a shoulder tackle. Eddie tagged in and planted Stu with a DDT for a two count. Archer tagged back in and leveled Blade with a Crossbody. Archer went for Black Out but Kingston broke it up. Grayson hit Butcher with a DDT on the apron and followed it up with the Fatality to Blade. Evil Uno then covered Blade for the victory. After the match, Jake the Snake Roberts leveled Eddie Kingston with a Clothesline.

Rowan Appeared On Dynamite

Hangman Page, Alex Reynolds, John Silver battled MJF, Santana, and Ortiz. Hangman hit MJF with the papers and sent him tumbling out of the ring. MJF got in Brodie’s son’s face and started shouting at him as Tony Schiavone called Max the biggest asshole in wrestling.

Santana tagged in and hit Silver with a Crossbody. John battled back with an elbow to the face and tagged in Reynolds. Alex hit Santana with a Clothesline and followed it up with an Elbow Drop for a near fall. Santana hit a Neckbreaker and two Suplexes in a row.

Hangman hit MJF with a Fallaway Slam and followed it up with a Clothesline. Page set up for the Buckshot Lariat but MJF rolled out of the ring as Dynamite went to a commercial break. When Dynamite returned, MJF taunted -1 (Brodie Jr.) but turned around into a boot to the face from Hangman.

John Silver tagged in and beat the hell out of Inner Circle. Silver climbed to the top rope and hit Ortiz with a Crossbody and followed it up with a Powerbomb. Silver planted MJF with a Destroyer but Inner Circle beat him down. Wardlow hit Reynolds with a Clothesline but Erick Rowan (Erick Redbeard) ran down to the ring to a great reaction.

Rowan beat Wardlow down and brought him backstage. Hangman hit the Buckshot Lariat but MJF broke up the cover. MJF took of Brodie Jr.’s mask and taunted him again. Brodie Jr. hit MJF with a kendo stick over the head and Hangman followed it up with a Crossbody. John Silver hit Santana with the Discus Clothesline for the pinfall victory. Rowan, Silver, Reynolds, and Hangman all shared a hug and cried after the match.

Tay Conti & Anna Jay Defeated Britt Baker & Penelope Ford

Tay Conti & Anna Jay faced Penelope Ford & Britt Baker tonight. Conti hit Penelope with several Arm Drags and unloaded a kick to the face for a two count. Britt hit Conti with a knee to the face and Penelope followed it up with a German Suplex for a two count.

Britt tagged in and bounced Conti’s face off the apron as Dynamite went to a break. Anna tagged in and hit Baker with a Neckbreaker when Dynamite returned. Penelope hit Anna with a Backstabber but Conti leveled her with a slam. Baker hit Conti with a Slingblade and booted her out of the ring.

Anna Jay caught Baker with a kick to the face and had tears in her eyes and pointed to the sky. Britt capitalized and planted Anna with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker for a two count. Ford tagged in and hit Anna with another Neckbreaker for a near fall. Anna locked in the Queenslayer Sleeper Hold as Conti took out Baker and Reba. Penelope Ford reached the ropes but had no choice but to tap out.

After the match, Britt Baker said that match was rigged and that the whole thing was kind of a “Big Rig”. Thunder Rosa attacked Baker from behind and beat her down until referees separated them.

Dark Order Picked Up The Win In A Clean Sweep

Team Taz (Hobbs, Cage, Ricky Starks) battled Cody, 10, and Orange Cassidy in a team put together by Brodie Jr. Cody and Will Hobbs started off the action. Powerhouse Hobbs leveled Cody with a shoulder tackle and tagged in Ricky Starks.

Ricky hit Cody with a chop to the chest but Cody returned the favor. Starks connected with a Dropkick and followed it up with a jumping shoulder tackle. Rhodes battled back and went to tag Orange Cassidy but he was too lazy to lift his arm.

10 tagged in and leveled Starks with a shoulder tackle. 10 connected with a German Suplex and Hobbs tagged back in. Orange Cassidy tagged in and put his hands in his pockets. Hobbs got pissed off and slammed Cassidy to the mat as Dynamite went to a break.

When Dynamite returned, Brian Cage bounced Cassidy’s face off the turnbuckle and tagged Hobbs back in. Hobbs planted Orange with a Suplex and tagged Brian Cage back in. Cage held up Cassidy for several seconds and planted him with a Suplex.

Ricky Starks tagged in and went for a Suplex but Cassidy escaped and hit a Suplex of his own. Cody Rhodes tagged in and hit a series of Clotheslines. Cody hit a Powerslam and went for the cover but Starks kicked out at two.

10 tagged in and knocked Cage and Hobbs off the apron. 10 caught Starks and planted him with a Powerslam. 10 followed it up with a massive Brodie Bomb and booted Hobbs off the apron again. Ricky hit 10 with a Spear and went for the cover but 10 kicked out at two.

Orange Cassidy planted Starks with a DDT but turned around into a massive Crossbody from Powerhouse Hobbs. Cage hit Cody with a knee to the face and followed it up with a Flatliner. 10 booted Cage in the face and knocked him out of the ring.

Starks planted 10 with a DDT and went for the cover but 10 kicked out at two. Taz and Arn Anderson grabbed a couple steel chairs and stared at each other on the entrance ramp. Cassidy hit Starks with the Orange Punch, Cody followed it up with the Cross Rhodes, and 10 hit Ricky with a Spinebuster for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Team Taz attacked Cody, Cassidy, and 10 from behind. The lights went out and TNT Champion Darby Allin made his way to the ring through the stands. The lights went out once again and Sting joined Darby. Sting, Darby, Cody, 10, and Orange Cassidy stood tall in the ring as Team Taz retreated.

Tony Khan Presented Brodie Jr. With The TNT Title

Cody Rhodes stood alone in the ring and said “you can judge a man’s character by how he treats somebody that can do him no good”. Cody added that there has been an outpouring of stories from people that Brodie had a positive effect on. Rhodes said Brodie was beautiful man who leaves behind a beautiful legacy. Cody then introduced -1 (Brodie Lee Jr.) and Amanda Huber.

Tony Khan and 10 came down to the ring as well. -1 put Brodie’s boots in the middle of the ring as Tony said that Brodie was the greatest TNT Champion they ever had. Tony handed him the title and said that Brodie was the TNT Champion for life. -1 put the title on his shoulder as Tony thanked the crowd for being here tonight. AEW then aired a tribute to Brodie Lee to end the show.