Backstage Update On The Status Of Jaxson Ryker


Two members of the Forgotten Sons stable returned to WWE TV last week on SmackDown which made many wonder about the status of the third member of the group, Jaxson Ryker.

Dave Meltzer talked about the former TNA star on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He noted that ‚Äúthere’s a reason he wasn’t there” at SmackDown and it’s the same reason why the faction had been kept off TV for so long.

Jaxson Ryker had made a tweet supporting the US President Donald Trump earlier this year. He also made some controversial remarks on the Black Lives Matter campaign which got him a lot of heat from the fans and the group was pulled from WWE programming afterwards.

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Meltzer noted how it will be very difficult to resurrect his career after the turn of events this year and he presumed that the former NXT star will most likely be part of next round of WWE cuts. He added that the company is not in a hurry to let Ryker go because they “aren’t losing much money” by keeping him around.

The group was taken off TV as a result of Jaxson Ryker’s comments back in May. The officials were planning a SmackDown tag title run for the Forgotten Sons but they had to change directions because of the turn of events.

The change in plans led to the team of Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro taking their spot and winning the SmackDown tag team titles from the New Day.

Two members of the Forgotten Sons stable in Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler then returned to WWE programming last week. They accompanied Baron Corbin and helped King Corbin in his feud against the Mysterio family.